Friday, 14 June 2013

"Have a Wonderful Day"

Hello Blog friends, hope you all had a wonderful day no matter what you were doing.
Thank you for taking time to visit my Blog and leave all your lovely comments, I do read each and every one.

I am seeing much better out of my right eye but still have the feeling there is a hair or eyelash in the way.  The Optician said it was "floaters" and they will gradually disappear.  I wish they would hurry up and go.  Thankfully there is nothing drastic wrong with my eyes I was beginning to get rather worried. 
Nothing much happening here today.  Did the usual Friday the housework, I like to go through the whole place quickly so I have nothing to do over the weekend.  Got the washing all dried.  We even managed our 3pm cuppa sitting in the garden.  However by 4pm I was in and had a cardi on.
With all the housework done, it gave me time to  play.  Had a few ideas swimming round in my head BUT my hands would not convert them the way I wanted, botheration!!!

Today`s card is one I found and I am sure I have not posted it before, had a quick look back, could not see it.  If I have posted it before I am very sorry, off to mark it "used" so I will know in future.

Base card approx 6 x 6 white card stock
Dark Pink card. topped with a backing paper which I stitched round
More dark pink with a spotty paper also stitched
Again dark pink this time a complete contrast stitched round
Some "bought" flowers with the stems I cut off then twisted and added as little tendrils plus some pearl swirls.
I obviously was rummaging in the "Bit Box" making this card, that scalloped border would have been in there.  I know because I have not used my Border Dies in ages.  Really must get them out and use them again
American seam Binding bow topped with a pretty Cameo I found in my box

That`s it for today 
Off to see if my head and my hands will work together
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that you take the time to do that

Patricia  xxx

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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Hello Blog Friends, hope you are all well.
Sorry no card today, I prepared this yesterday.  I am having problems with my eye so was having it checked out.   I find when I go the the optician and they put those horrible drops in your eyes my vision takes ages to clear.
Rather than have nothing I decided to share this with you.
Just thought I would show you the little corner of "Paradise" that Hazel and I retreat to at least once a year.  I sometimes visit more if John decides to go.  
John and I visited Dalyan, Turkey for the first time 17 years ago, we stayed at this hotel.  It was the fist year they opened, the gardens had been planted but were nothing like as lush as they are now.  Look how peaceful it is, if you go when the schools are off there are children.  We always make a point of going during term time.
John was recovering from a very bad accident the first time we visited.   We knew John would not be able to get back to work.  We bit the bullet and decided to buy a house.  We lived Part-Time in Dalyan from beginning of May when the fist flight went out from Scotland for the summer season.  We came home on one of the last flights back to Scotland at the end of October.

We did that for 7 years till Thomas was born.  We had waited 9 years for our first Grandchild, when John saw that little "scrap" in the incubator in the Baby Care Unit that was at first sight.  
When we went out the next year, the plan was to stay for the usual length of time.  After 2 weeks John wanted home, so that was the end of the long stays.  A year later Robert put in an appearance so that was that.  The house was sold, we just pop over for short stays now.  This is where we spend it, back where it all started.

That`s it for today
I will be back soon, thank you for popping by I really do appreciate that you take time to do that

Eyes fine, nothing drastic .................  just "old age" really

Patricia  xxx

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hello Blog friends, how are you all??  
What about this weather!!! we had the heating on last night and this morning.  Flaming June!!!! and no heat.....!!!  
When the sun does manage to get through the clouds it is hot.  We have had a few blinks of sun this afternoon and that was it, I blinked and missed it.   I have a wool cardie on sitting here typing this.
 Oh! Patricia stop moaning, sorry folks but I really do need the heat.  I do not lie in the sun but I certainly like to see it and feel it is actually there.
 Today`s card is one I made along at the Tearoom yesterday to demonstrate a very easy card.  A few ladies said they would like to make cards but felt it would be difficult.  Some thought they would need expensive "machines"   There are 2 Cuttlebugs and 2 Grand Caliburs along in the workshop that they will get the use of.    Wish I had had the use of some equipment when I started card making.   I had to buy everything myself and it was all trial and error.  More error than anything else in the beginning.

I found this beautiful backing paper, to show a very easy card.

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card
Piece of pink card stock
The backing paper which I attached to the pink card
Pink Organza ribbon, I tied round these then attached to the Base card
Tied a triple bow and attached using a glue gun then added the little gem also with the glue gun
Found the sentiment in a box, added that to a piece of the pink card and attached 

Beautiful paper, Pretty card .............right!!  Till I looked at it after everyone had gone.........have you noticed!!!!    
Yep!!! it is Christmas paper!!!!.
Oh! well I did do a simple card to show the ladies.  I do hope they did not think that I am a bit "simple" not noticing it was Christmas Paper.. 
I have an appointment with the Optician tomorrow, my right eye is still bothering me.............that`s my excuse and I am sticking to it

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by and leaving all your lovely comments I really do appreciate each and every one.

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"Cross Stitching"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.
Today`s  card is one I took along for my cabinet at the Tearoom this morning.  I have sold a few House Mouse themed cards along there.
I was along at the Tearoom this morning doing an "Open Day" to let people see all the different kinds classes that are being held in the Craft Workshop.  I am tiered this evening, we were busy, after talking to people we have decided  not to start any serious Card Making classes till end of August.  Our schools go back then, all the Granny`s will be finished with childcare duties.  Holidays will be over and some mums will be free with their wee ones going off to school for the first time.

Base card Centura Pearl
Papers printed from a Rob Adam`s CD,  Printable Gingham, Polka Dot and Tartan Backing Papers.  I use that CD more than any just for those simple baking papers.
Did some quick Faux stitching
Image coloured with Promarkers, I added some Die Cut sewing bits.  Made little hanks of thread using some of my Cross Stitch Threads which are all DMC.  After I did that and they were well stuck I had this "Copyright" thought.......................I really think it should be OK.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you take time to look at what I do and leave all your lovely comments.  I do read each and every one.
Bye, till next time

Patricia    xxxx

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Monday, 10 June 2013

"Another Box"

Hello Blog friends, how are you all?  Yet another new week where are they all going??

Today I have one of Christina`s Origami boxes.
Have you tried making one??  they are actually very easy once you get the hang of it.  Pop over to "".    On the left of the screen there is a list of  Video Tutorials for lots of brilliant projects.  Click on that link, scroll down and you will find 2 long list under Card Making Tutorials.   Down the left hand list 4th from the bottom you will find the Origami Box Video Turorial.   Christina does lots of other fantastic work, all so beautiful.   You are sure to find something there you will want to make.
I needed a box for a little gift and this size is just perfect.

For the base of the box you need a 12 x 12 sheet of Scrapbooking paper of a reasonable thickness.  I used a sheet from a Tilda Paper Stack.
Lace, ribbon and some pearls for decoration.
For the Lid of the box, Roses and Butterflies I used bits from the same stack I had left over from other projects.
A few leaves cut using a Crealies Die

I love making these boxes and hope to do a class at the Tearoom making them
You do need endless patience when teaching people to do these
Robert and Hubby have both done one of them with me.  If Hubby can do it anyone can do it, he certainly is not a crafter.   Robert managed very well and he is only 6.

That`s it for today, thank you so much for calling in.
I love that you take the time to pop in to see what I have been up to.  If I can inspire just one person to have a go at something they have seen on my Blog that makes me very happy 
Bye till next time

Patricia   xxx


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Sunday, 9 June 2013

"Golden Wedding Wishes"

Hello friends, hope you have had a good day.  Weather here was dull, cold and not very nice at all.  
Looks like I did not pack enough sunshine in my case to last more than a day.
When I arrived home at the house from my holiday late Friday evening I was greeted at the door by John.  I don`t think I was in the house 10mins when John asked would I make a card for Fiona and Gordon  good neighbours of John and Audrey`s.  It was their Golden Wedding, they were having a party in the Village Hall Saturday evening.   John and Audrey would take the card for us, they were going to the party with the boys.  I rushed to get the card done and finished yesterday.   When Audrey came along with the boys I told her I had rushed to get it ready.  Audrey just looked at me and said there really was not that much of a rush.  Guess why!! the couple were having a Garden Party in their very own garden and it was this afternoon................not a lot of difference......................MEN!!!

Here is my card, sorry the light has caught the right hand side
I normally would have made a far more elaborate card if I had had the time

Base card approx A5 cream card stock
Ivory Centura Pearl card embossed with Sue Wilson`s Heart Lattice Folder, matted onto dull gold card
I stamped the image three times on cream card stock and Heat embossed with Gold Powder
Matted that onto dull gold card and attached to the embossed panel
I used pale Gold/Brown organza ribbon round these panels and attached them to the base card
Tied a triple bow and attached that
Sentiment was computer generated mounted onto dull gold card and attached

A very quick card that I hope they will like.

I had been reading Sue`s Blog while away, I made a determined effort to get the hearts on the embossing folder up the right way.....!!!
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I really appreciate that you take time to visit me.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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