Saturday, 8 June 2013

"Please don`t eat the Water Melon"

Hello friends, that`s me back again. 
Hope you are all well and enjoying the nice weather.  
We did have a great morning here but as usual it deteriorated into rain by late afternoon.  Washing all dried and ready to iron, I was going to iron it but John decided we should go out for a while.  Having been away from him for a week I obviously had to go.  I do like to my ironing early in the morning then I feel it does not interfere with "my" day time.   
Hazel and I had a great holiday with wonderful warm, sunny weather.  Nothing to do and all day to do it.  We were up early every morning, nearly always first down for breakfast.  Then we took ourselves off for our daily walk before it got too hot.  Did go on the local bus to the nearest town where we got lots of nice bits and pieces for crafting.
I have no new card to show you at the moment.   I am working on a card for a couple who are celebrating their Golden Wedding with party this evening.  It has had to be a very quick make, John and Audrey are taking it with them when they go to the party.  All the people in the little village that John and Audrey live in are going.  It is being held in the Village Hall, all the children are invited as well.

Just thought I would show you another "work of art".  This was part of one of the table decorations at the dinner we went to for the Dalyan Turtle Foundation to raise funds.  David Bellamy was Guest of Honour, we did see him but could not get near him for all the local dignitaries crowding round him.  Also there were so many people there it was very crowded, thank goodness it was held outside in the gardens rather than in the Hotel.

What about this for a "work of art"
There were a few of these dotted round......... carved Water Melon
I just thought they were wonderful

That`s it for today
Will be back soon with a card to show you
Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate it

By the way Hazel has managed to get pictures on her Blog. You can find her at

Bye for now

Patricia   xxx