Saturday, 25 May 2013

"Hazel`s Beer Cake"

Hello Blog friends, hope you have all managed to get some of today`s sunshine.
It has been truly wonderful to actually feel the heat of the sun.  We even managed to have an enjoyable lunch in the garden, 25th May and that`s the first time this year. 
Hazel came over to our house this morning.   Would you believe between the two of us we have not managed to work out how to get her photo`s on her Blog.   Hazel is doing all this using her iPad so we do not know if that is the problem.
Hazel has to have her Blood Pressure done on Tuesday, she has closed the lid on the blog as she was getting too worked up.  The doctor would be giving her a telling off if her Blood Pressure is too high.   We have decided to put the Blogging on the back burner till we get back from holiday
We took some photos, Hazel has asked me to pop this on my Blog so you can all see what she had done.   The whole thing is finished off in Cling Film, tied with Tartan Ribbon.
She thanks you for popping on to see her and becoming followers.  She will not let you down and will be back to show you some of her work A.S.A.P.

The guy who is getting this creation is into Highland Cattle hence the theme.  It is his 50th Birthday, Hazel has made a 50 using Gold Jewellery Wire which she has hung off the side.
The whole thing is built on a large Cake Board.
Right in the centre is a tin which is filled with sweets
Surrounding the tin is 8 "stumpy" cans of Lager, that`s what you will see when you lift the grassy bit off the top.
It is all very rustic with the uneven fencing, bundle of posts, wire, big stones....all the things that often lie about very rural farms.
Once Hazel does manage to get her Blog up and running she will let you see the inside, also it all tied up so you get a better idea of what it is all about.

Hazel has made loads of these with different themes.  The people that have had them are amazed at such an unusual gift.   What do give a 50 year old guy?? 

Thank you for calling by today we both really appreciate it
Thank you for all the support you have been giving
That`s it for today 
Happy Bank Holiday everyone

Patricia  &  Hazel   xxxx

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Friday, 24 May 2013

"From that Bundle"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well. 
Thank you for calling by today, I love that you take the time to do that.
I have not been crafting today, I have bust a Blood Vessel in my right eye.  It is not in any way sore , it just looks as though I have gone 3 rounds with Mike Tyson.   I am finding it very annoying, cant see that great out of it.  Once the blood starts to drain away it will be fine.  I have had this before, usually at a time of stress....................absolutely no stress at the moment.   Excitement maybe, only 7 more sleeps till Hazel and I go off on our holiday together, just the two of us.    A whole week of nothing to do and all day to do it.............fantastic. 
I told you all, I have done away with my "Bit Box" and making a determined effort to use as many of  my Bits as possible.
I have an A4 plastic box with no lid.  I am putting the bits in this during the week then it is sorted out at the end of each week to make what I can.   I will sell them quite cheaply at the Tearoom.  After all they are made from left over bits.  The rest of the bits "if any" will go in a box for the School.   This is just one of  the cards I made  yesterday before my eye started to bother me.

Today`s card 6 x 6 white card
Piece of stripped card Hunkydory from the Freebe in a magazine
Piece of pink card I had embossed
Pink spotted paper
Image was stamped 3 times on a piece of leftover white 160gsm paper.  I coloured in some of it, popped glue on other bits and sprinkled with glitter
Bits of  SB border
Ribbon and a triple bow topped with a pearl............done!!!

Thank you for popping in, if you have left a comment I really appreciate that, I do read them all.
That`s it for today

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

"VERY Simple Happy Birthday"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of creativity.  
Thank you for calling by today.  
Don`t know about the weather where you are but it has been "freezing" here today.   The Glen Shee road was blocked with!! it is almost June and we are getting ......SNOW!!!
Have you noticed Hazel has done it.......she has her Blog going.  I think she is still struggling to get her pictures up but Hazel being Hazel will do it.
When I started my Blog last year I would never have believed that I could have almost 100 followers......!! thank you all so much for your support.   I really do appreciate each and every one of your visits and comments.    
I will get together a little bundle of goodies, when I reach 100 we will have "Draw"

Base card today is Kraft Card and a very different shape for me but that was the shape of the "bit" that was lying there in the bundle
It is approx DL,  slightly less but fits in a DL envelope
 I cut 2 half circles at either side approx 1/3 of the way up from the bottom
Piece of Hunkydory card that came free with the Paper crafting Magazine this month which I ran through an embossing folder
I got the ribbon from Hazel the other day, used that along the card and to tie a triple bow
Happy Birthday is a wooden greetings I had bought at a show at some time in the past

Did you notice the "Bundle" in the background of my post the other day??? 
I have started my new "regime" the bundle is getting sorted through every week, and used.  Yes! I am serious, would you believe almost 80% of it is now used.  The rest goes in the bag for the school.  I have even started "Stamping" little images on bits that are suitable for that.  I am using them for practising colouring in.
Thank you for stopping by everyone, I really appreciate it
That`s it for today

Patricia  xxxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"My Prize has Arrived"

Hello,welcome to my wee corner of Blogland.  Thank you for visiting me today, I love that you take time to come and see what I have been up to.  
No card today, I was rather excited to see a parcel arriving for me this morning.  Yes!! at long last it is here, my Prize from Card Making Magazine.  I entered their Mothers Day Competition way back at the beginning of the Year.    I knew I had won a prize when I saw the picture of my card in the April edition of the Magazine.  (That`s it propped up at the back)   I have been waiting since then for the parcel to arrive.   I did eventually have to e-mail the editor to find out what had happened to it.  I thought it had gone walk about in the post.  No, it was sitting on her desk she had not had time to parcel it up and post it out.  I would have thought the Editor of such a magazine would at least have had an assistant that could have done that for her.   Anyway it is here and I am delighted with the contents.

12 x 12 papers
Lovely A4 card, colours all co-ordinate with the 12 x 12 papers
2 Ink pads
2 rolls Ribbon
Some White String and colour co-ordinated embellishments
Plus lot of stamps.

I have never used Stamping Up Ink Pads before, and I tell you it took me ages to work to open the blooming things.  Now that I have managed, I rather like the idea of how they work.

I had not heard from Hazel till just after 8pm, we were on the phone for nearly 11/2 hours trying to get this Blog of hers set up.   I think the fact she is only using her iPad was making more difficult for me.  I kept telling her what I do but I use the PC to post all my things.  I do comment from my iPad but I have never had any success putting on a Post.

 Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"Flowers but NOT Roses"

Hello Blog friends thank you for popping by today. 
I have a new follower yet again............................Hazel, my sister.  Yes! I know most of you know she comments on my Blog.  I keep telling her she should create a Blog to show all the wonderful things she does.  Unfortunately I do not have a clue how I ever managed to create mine.   I am a No.1 Numptie as far as the computer goes.  I feel terrible that I cant just go over to her house and tell her what to do.   However I am sure while we are away together with no interruptions we might manage it between us. 
Hazel has made this amazing "Beer Cake"  ......   no, no there is no beer in the recipe.  It looks for all the world like a novelty cake, cake!!!   Inside there is a central tin full of goodies this is surrounded by "Tins of Beer" all decorated to look like a cake.  I am not saying any more in hope that between us we will be able to show you her latest "Masterpiece".  If Hazel does not manage to create her Blog this week I will photograph it and show it on here before we go.
Today's card is another using the "inking of the folder" technique.
I inked the "positive" side this time rather than the "negative" it gives a slightly different effect.  You see it better when you have the two pieces side by side. 

Base card 6 x 6 white card stock
Lilac card stock
White card inked with TH Distress Ink Dusty Concord
White card Die Cut with SB Heart Squares Die.  I cut out the centre using SB Classic Squares
Flowers a Martha Stewart Punch, using the lilac card.  Foliage a Memory Box Die

Isobel my friend and neighbour is "Over the Moon with excitement" her future DIL has just won a Gold medal at Chelsea, in the "Young Florist" category   She won Silver Guilt last year and only 23.  I am so delighted for Paula she works very hard and just loves working with flowers. 

Thank you for calling by today, I really appreciate you doing that and for all the lovely comments you leave.  I love read them all 
That`s it for today

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 20 May 2013

"New Home Card"

Hello and welcome, hope you are well.   If not I send some ((hugs)) that you are soon singing and dancing.
Thank you for calling into see me today, love to having you here.
Hope your weather has been better than ours....................OH! What! a Shocker! 4.50am it was miserable looking, thick mist, that cleared to give a bright early morning then the "SUN" came out.  That lasted till a few hours and was actually  pleasantly warm.  John decided he wanted to get the Wooden Garden stuff out of the garage.  He said it would be nice to sit out for his morning coffee and lunch when hazel and I are away.............dream on, I say.  We have plastic tables and chairs which are cleaned and in use but no! John wanted the big wooden things out.  We got it all out washed down, then down came the rain.  Wow! did it rain, it rained so hard it flooded the front garden.  Thank goodness the front door is up a few steps, all gone and dried up again.
Today`s card is for John`s cousin and his wife who have just moved into a big old house they are doing up.  They bought it a few years ago, very basically did it up, new Kitchen, bathroom, papered and painted.   Their younger daughter moved in and was happy there while she was studying to become a Dentist.  She qualified last summer, got a job, is doing well so decided to move to a place of her own.  Her parents set about selling their house, they sold recently so have now moved in and are totally renovating the whole place to their taste.

Base card White Centura Pearl
More Rob Adams CD backing papers
Dies a Tim Holtz Die set it is a "Thick, Deep Die"  John and Audrey brought it back from the Sates for me couple of years ago.  When I saw it I thought that will never work in my wee Cuttlebug.  Oh! yes! it can!  I just juggled the cutting plates about till I got it to go through with no problems.  I put a sticker on the actual Die with the plate combination for future use.
Cut the bits in Black Coredinations card and sanded them back 
Sentiment is computer generated, cut out using the inner Die of a Memory Box Frame Die
Simple card but it says what it needs to say

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it
I`ll be back

Patricia   xxx

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

"New Baby"

Hello  my friends how are you all??  Tomorrow sees the start of yet another new week.  
Will we ever see some summer it really seems to be eluding us, I fear we might never see it.
Thank you for taking time to come visit me, I love reading the comments you leave.
Welcome to my new follower Ira ..........thank you so much for joining me.   
Have you had a look at Ira`s Blog??? if not please pop over and have a look she makes some absolutely amazing 3D things.
The boys were here for tea Saturday and a sleepover.   It was pouring rain so no trip out on our bikes as we had planned for today.   Thomas and Grandpa spent their time up at the Railway.  Robert and I played with paper and pens.  He is better at colouring in than me.  He went off home with his pictures which I forgot to photograph, they were jolly good.  I let him use my "special" pens as he calls them, a mixture of Promarkers and Spectrum Noirs
Tomorrow once I get my cleaning regime complete I have to go to Tesco to stock up once again.

 Today`s card is a very quick and plain one.  Plain and simple was the request, very quick as the person phoned in the morning, said she would pop along and collect it after lunch.  When she came to collect it I did tell her that in future I would really need more time to make a card.  

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card stock
Pink card
Pink spotty paper printed from a Rob Adams CD, border punched using a Martha Stewart Punch
Sentiment computer generated, cut out and mounted on pink card
I have a load of these crocheted flowers, I make them while watching the TV
Used one of them,  pearls and a corner Die cut to finish it off

Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it
That`s it for today

Patricia   xxx

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