Friday, 17 May 2013

"Simple Happy Birthday"

Hello Bolg friends, hope you are all well.   
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to come and visit me.
Elaine came last night, although she was rather down when she arrived it did not take long to have her smiling again.  By the time she was ready to leave we had sore sides and cheeks from all the laughter.  I just hope she can keep on smiling during this upsetting time she is going through.
Today`s card is using up some of "the bundle of bits"........... I seem to be creating them again.  I craft in the kitchen which has to be tidied when I finish.  I feel this is why I always seem to have little bundles. I saw this "negative" from a Labels 20 Die, a little bit of foliage, plus a piece of card I had inked that was a first run through the embossing folder and a bit brighter than I had wanted.   I decided to use these rather than put them in the bag for the school or throw them away.
So here is today`s card

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card stock
Card run through an embossing folder that had been inked
I had a Labels Twenty frame I had cut but did not use, I felt it was too wide for what I wanted
I placed this in the centre of the inked card
Placed the "negative" of a Labels twenty Die Cut I had run through a SB Polka Dot embossing folder over the frame.  I raised this with some foam pads
The foliage was just part piece of a Memory Box Die cut
A Happy Birthday sticker I found in a box.

Thank you for popping by today I really appreciate it
The weekend is upon us once again, where in heavens name did this week go??
Have a great weekend, I will see you all again soon

Patricia   xxx

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"Some more Roses"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.   What a large and wonderful place it is. 
Sorry if I have missed commenting on any of your Blogs these past few days....................where has the time gone???   I have not had that much to do but I seem to be taking longer than ever to do it.
Pearl has been here a few times this week she is very down.  Her house is coming on, they have done so much work in it.  It has almost been like building a new house.   Pearl has a very old cottage and they had to strip it right back to the external walls and start again.   Elaine has not been too good this week either so I have had to cope with her as well.    Thursday evening is Elaine`s stay out late evening.  She comes and stays till after midnight and I know I will have tears to cope with tonight.   I am making a sign for over the front door  "Patricia`s Counselling Corner"    
I am so pleased they feel they can come and talk to me, not a lot I can do to help other than listen.  If that helps then I am happy to do it.
Right enough of my woes.

Today`s card is approx 5 x 7 Centura Pearl card stock
Dark green card
Piece  of leftover backing paper from that well used Rob Adams CD
SB Die cut that was in the box stamped with a free stamp from a magazine
Roses SB Blossom Five Die 
Foliage is a Memory Box Die

Thank you for taking time to come visit I really appreciate it
That`s it for today
Bye till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"This is more Me"

Hello folks, hope you are all well.   
Thank you for stopping by today, I am offering something that is "more me"
I mostly like to make delicate, floral cards, some people call them fussy!! Who cares that`s what I like.
I can assure you I am in no way delicate, at 5`8" tall and just over 12st I am far from that.   I am desperately trying  hard to get just below the 12st not easy is it??  Mind you if I had not eaten that slice of Apple Pie the other day I might get there sooner.  It is not like me to eat that sort of thing but for some reason it had my name on it.

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card stock
Piece of white card embossed through a Daricie folder from Crafter`s Companion inked with TH Picked Raspberry Distress Ink
This embossed piece was not as good as I would have like, it came out rather patchy.........the reason why
 I have discovered that it is not just the ink that counts it is also the kind of card
Another thing is, if you wash the folder and use it right away the transfer of ink is not good.  Even though you think you have dried the folder it will still be damp and that effects the ink application.  They do say "You Live and Learn"..........just thought I would pass on the things I learn along the way
Roses made using SB Bitty Blossoms and white card
Foliage is a Memory Box Die 
I popped a pearl in the centre of the flowers and also on all the tiny flowers through the foliage

Thank you so much for calling in and leaving all your lovely comments.  I really appreciate it and read them all
That`s it for today, till next time

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"More Boxes"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well, if you are a little under the weather I send you some gentle (((((HUGS))))) 
Thank you so much for calling by today I love that you take the time out of your busy day to come visit me.
Welcome to my new follower Kat, thank you so much for choosing to join me on my crafty journey.  I hope you enjoy what you see when you come to visit.

Today`s offering is another selection of "boxes" for the Tearoom.  Sorry! about the glare...... as hard as I tried I could not get a shot where the light did`nt reflect off some of the Acetate
I love making boxes and for some reason people like to buy little boxes.  I have sold so many at the Tearoom it is amazing

All boxes are made using a selection of SB Dies
Two outside ones a SB Die from a Kit by Becca Feekan at Amazing Paper Grace
Second Right is a SB Die by Sue Wilson
Second left is SB Lacy Squares Die
Bows a mixture of Organza, American Seam Binding and double sided Satin Ribbon all from my ribbon collection
Bases are all plain card stock, about one and half inches deep.   Lids are made from Bits left over from other projects with acetate insets

I really appreciate that you pop by and leave all your lovely comments, I do read them all
That`s it for today, bye till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 13 May 2013

"Another for the re-cycle bin"

Hello and welcome glad you could stop and have a look at what I get up to.  I am showing a few cards I have made that in my opinion were a bit of a "disaster" to say the least.   Don`t be put off, please pop back sometime soon I promise you will see better.   I do make better looking cards even if I say it myself.
I am surprised that so many of you liked yesterday`s card.  Thank you for all the lovely comments about it,  just goes to show how we judge  our own work.  

Today`s card was created out of  just "Playing"   I love to do that, it lets me see what "not" to do.  If I don`t like anything it is never used, like this one which did go in the Re-cycle Bin, I rescued the roses, ribbon and the back of the card.   I would do a similar design but use other colours.    It was that sheet of Hot Pink card that seemed to appear, I really cant believe I would had chosen it.  I love pink but not that shade, must have thought it would be good as a accent!!!!  Between yesterdays card and this one the sheet is finished thank goodness.  Mind you sure as eggs is eggs I will have a use for that colour sometime.    Just thought I would show you a card that I made but really did not like.  I am sure we all do it, do we ever show them?????  How about we do that  as a challenge .....................well maybe not I could be showing for a long time.

That`s it for today

Thank you for calling by to see the disasters I can create
Promise I will do better tomorrow
Bye till then

Patricia   xxx

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

"With Love"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.    Thank you so much for popping in 
Today started nice but as usual by early afternoon it was once again raining.

Today`s card is rather bright and will not actually be used unless I give it to John for his birthday at the end of the month.   Oh! I really very much doubt that it is rather PINK  for a mans card.  Even for John, who I know would accept it without blinking an eye..................cause he got it from little old ME!!!
I do not make such bright cards, that piece of Hot Pink card was in the bundle of bits and was crying out to be used and I wanted to experiment with the Dies.
The Die is one from the Tattered Lace collection by Stephanie Weightman.   Although there are a few dies within each design set, some of the layers are so thin and fragile I would never use them individually.

 Base card aprox 6 x 6
 I cut out the heart using SB Classic Hearts
I cut out the Tattered Lace Heart twice.  Stuck one on the base card, the other I attached only in the centre and left it free elsewhere.  The With love I cut in Pink and attached so that it is floating  across the centre
The card is lined with a piece of white card 
I attached bits that were left along the bottom.   Now that I see the photo I will have to stick a tiny Butterfly or gem on that join.  Maybe not as I think the whole thing will be destined for the re-cycling
Funny how you don`t notice things till they are right there in front of you on the screen

That`s it for today 

Thank you for taking time to visit and for all your lovely comments I really appreciate each and every one
Till next time, be good

Patricia   xxx

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"Robert`s been in the Bit Bag"

Hello just a quick post, I thought I would let you see what a 6 years old can manage from the school Bit Bag.
The boys came along and found me up to my eyeballs in Bits of Card and Paper.
Thomas went off with Grandpa but Robert stayed with me.  His eyes were wide with amazement when he saw the "stuff".  " Can I just stay and play with you Granny" well what can you say.  I told him I was trying to get all my crafty stuffy tidy and there was a bag of bits to take to school.   "I will have a look in that and see what I can make, is that OK?"  I left him to it and this is one of his cards.   The only bit I did was help stick on the buttons we used the Hot Glue Gun for them.

I had just finished a House Mouse card with some Faux Stitching which he spotted and had to do some on his card.  

That`s it,  thank you for popping in, just thought I would show you an offering from a "Crafter in the Making". 
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia   xxx

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