Friday, 10 May 2013

"Very Simple Stamping"

Hello and welcome to my wee corner of Blogland.  Thank you so much for calling by, I love having you  here.
The day started sunny here but as usual it deteriorated into the usual rain by lunchtime.  Got the washing dry so that was OK.
Did some more tidying, in the dining room this time.  We keep a big box in one of the corners, this has some of the boys toys in it.  Went through that and cleared out all the bits of card/paper/used to make things that were all sad and crushed.  John said to leave them as they do use these, if they need them they can make more.  I am sure they will not even miss them.
On the corner of the dining table was a "pile" of bits.  I  did intend making cards with them, I sorted through, kept some then popped the rest in the bag for the school.   Naughty, naughty, I know but I am trying hard to get everything tidy.  I have told John not to stand still to long...........!!!!!!!  

In the bundle was a stamp I got from Elaine, she got it from someone and said she would never us it so gave it to me.   Elaine does craft but she is one of these people..................I am sure you all know one.   If she does not immediateley see what she can do with something she dismisses it.  When I show her tonight what I have done with her stamp her words will be "Oh I would never have thought to use it like that"

Base card was a bit of cream from the bundle approx 4 x6  
Dark green card stock
A piece of Pale yellow from the bundle
I am not a stamper so I had a few tries at getting this any where near useable
I coloured her lips, eyes and the Rose with a wet brush in TH Distress inks

That`s it for today
Thank you for stopping, I really appreciate you doing that and leaving all your lovely comments
Till next time, be good

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

"Best Wishes"

Hello folks, hope your day has been a good one!  
Weather here was OK till lunch time then it started to rain on then off.    A real pain for the washing although I did get most of it dry before then.

Doing the dreaded "housework" today, I actually enjoy doing it to be honest.   Hazel and I go away in 3 weeks and I want everything spot on and up to date before I go.  Gutted our bedroom, emptied out all the drawers, wardrobes and dumped all that stuff we keep "just in case"..................."in case of what???".  Two big black bags ready for re-cycling.   On to the spare room where I sorted out the boys clothes that are kept here.  Big pile for Isobel, her Grandchildren who are just that bit younger,  fine for them to play out in.   Our boys both need new trainers, Thomas more jeans, that laddie grows like Rhubarb!!!   I want so that John only has to keep the Lounge, Bedroom and the Kitchen spick and span while I am away.  His office he deals with himself anyway apart from when I really clean it once a month.  He absolutely dreads that he is so fussy has his own wee way of doing things.  Oh! Goodness! who am I to talk..................if its not done my way it is not done right!!!!   I am telling you this before Hazel makes a comment to tell what I have just told you.

Card today is one I did some time ago for a couple who were going through a rough time.  Just wanted to send them a Bucket full of "Best Wishes"  I can`t remember if I have posted it before  ... no indication of the actual photo............typical, just typical.  I could not be bothered looking back all the posts to find out, I apologise now if I have shown it.

Base card 8x8
Pink card stock
Paper I had in a box don`t know where from
Image is a D`Arcy`s Diary Digital image I have had for quite a while
Coloured using a combination of Promarkers and Copics
Computer generated sentiment
Flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts, have whole big box that I new I had but never really use them
Pink American Seam Binding for the bow

A few of you have commented on the "Inking" of the Embossing Folders
I ink mine using my Brayer and a Splodge Mat.  The ink really spreads well on the mat and seems to go on to the Folder much easier.  I run the Brayer over the "De-bossed" side of the folder quite a few times just make sure it is covered.   If you are using a paler ink this is important as you can`t see the pale ink on some of the opaque plastic folders.   If the result is to dark just run another piece of paper through a second time. 
I actually experimented with lots of different inks and found that Ariondakes are the best for this.
I had loads of bits that were good, some really terrible.   I salvaged bits from the bad lot, made some little Gift Cards that I have sold at the Tearoom quite cheaply.
I hope you do try this it is another way to get use out of your folders and it looks rather nice.
Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for calling by today I really appreciate you take the time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia xxx

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Plain and Simple"

Hello all, hope you have had a good day.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my work,  I am so delighted that you take time to come visit and leave your comments.   
Welcome to Claire my latest follower, thank you very much to joining us here, love the photo.  
We had a beautiful day yesterday there was even a heat in the sun.    What did we get today??? rain, rain and even more rain!!!  
Met Hazel this morning ........well we had to catch up on the chat we missed on Monday...........!!!!!
We met up with another two friends and Oh! Man! did we chat!!!   It`s Good to they say, we all  went our separate ways with a smile on our faces so that has to be a good thing.

 Today`s card is plain and simple
Base card 5 x 7 white card stock
Pink card I pierced round the edge
Paler pink card, I very slightly distressed the edges
I inked my SB Paisley embossing folder with TH Old Paper Distress Ink using my Brayer
Popped white card in and ran that though my GC
Piece of lace from my box tied in a 5 loop bow on my Homemade Bow Maker 
Added a gem thingy I found in my box
Lace across the front of the card with a stamped greeting on card pieces I cut into a Fish Tail

That`s it for today
Thank you for sopping by I really appreciate it
 Will be back soon

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"Highland Cow"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  
 Yesterday John took Hazel and I up to Aberdeen to visit " The Papeterie".    Aberdeen was part of John`s Area when he was working so he knew exactly where it was.  He was taking us up so we would  know exactly where to go when we went to see Sue Wilson doing her Demo Day there in July.  
A Huge place with lots and lots of fantastic space for classes and workshops.  Great wide open shopping space with lots of "stuff" at reasonable prices and two lovely ladies to welcome and chat to us.   The place was not busy when we arrived so we had lots of time to chat to the ladies.   They were excited and looking forward to this coming weekend when Nicky Hall from Polkadoodles is there doing Demos and Classes.  
We told the ladies why we had come up, they were saying that they were also excited and looking forward to Sue coming.  They were getting rather concerned at the amount of people that will be coming that day and will the car park cope.  It is an "open" day no bookings just come along and enjoy.   Hazel and I are now having doubts about going.  We feel that there will not be enough room to move or even get near to see what Sue is actually doing.  We have talked about going the night before and staying at the Travel Lodge along the road, we will see.

Today`s card is a request from Hazel`s younger daughter Tammy.   Tammy and her husband have a friend who LOVES "Highland Cows".    Hazel has got the task of making a "Beer Cake" no! not a cake using Beer in the mixture..........................a cake made up on a Large Cake Board with a central box containing lots of Goodies surrounded by cans of Beer.   They will be covered over with green paper/card cut to represent grass and some pebbles as the ground or a wall.  Hazel has fantastic ideas for this type of thing, really looking forward to see what materialises.    The cake is being topped with a Highland Cow so of course the request was  "will you ask Auntie Pat to make a card with a Highland Cow on it"..............................oh! right where did I leave that "Magic Wand" again.

I knew right away where to get an image.......a Joanna Sheen CD I bought years ago and never really used, one of those that you just had to have.
So here is the card, gave it to Hazel yesterday and she was delighted, said Tammy would be as well.

Base card Kraft Card approx 5 x 7
Cream and green card for matting
The image is printed on canvas paper I got at Aldi some time ago a great buy must keep my eyes open to get some more
Computer generated sentiment as requested
I put some glossy accents on his nose just as a bit of fun

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you stop by my little corner
Till next time

Patricia xxx

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Monday, 6 May 2013

"How reduce your Bit Box"

Hello friends, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.   I know some of you had lovely weather, we  had some nice dry weather but still very, very cold.  There is even fresh snow on the hills I see out of my kitchen window.  
Thank you for calling by today, I enjoy when you come to visit.  
A few of you commented that they would like to have a "root" through my "Bit Box" you are more than welcome.  Although I am not keeping that much in it these days.   I have started something new, when I finish creating or playing, I leave everything in a bundle.   I then go through the bundle,  see how many cards I can make from what is there, it is truly amazing what you can make.    Most of the "bit" cards I make are going along to the Tearoom where I sell them quite cheap.  They are selling well which makes me feel good as the money is truly extra.   Those bits would have gone in my "Bit Box" or along to the school.
Here is a couple of the latest cards, there were more but I did not bother to  photograph them.

Base cards approx 4 x 4 cards using up strips of  Teal card that I used as Easel Cards 
Die Cuts that I had cut and not used or some bits of card that "fitted" a Die
I am not a Stamper but was playing with stamps I got Free in a Magazine they are Jane Nesterenko Stamps
Every piece that I used would normally have gone in the Bit Box

So there you go one way to reduce the amount in your Bit Boxes

That`s it for today
Thank you for stopping I really appreciate that you did
Till next time

Patricia  xxx