Saturday, 21 December 2013

"Merry Christmas"

Hello Blog friends, not long now.....just 3 more sleeps.
Hope you are managing to get through those lists.
I wish I could have sent you all a card, however here is my "communal" card for all my faithful followers
Thank you so much for your continued support though out the year, I really appreciate every visit and comment.
I will be keeping check on your Blogs but I will not be posting anything myself till the New Year.   I think I might get Dies as gifts for Christmas.  I was asked which ones I would like as well as any Tools I might need, so we will see.   I will hopefully get plenty time to play and have lots to share in January.

My card for you all is very simple, I like that
White Card, white matts, SB Tree Die, Pearls and organza ribbon and bow

 I wish you all 
A Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy, and Creative 2014
Thank you once again for all your visits
Till Next Year

Patricia   xxx
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Six in a Box"

Hello Bog friends, hope none of you suffered any damage in the storms overnight.   All good here, there is Snow on the hills I see out the kitchen window, I am not a great fan of "the white stuff" when it is so close!!!!
Are you all managing to get through the jobs your your lists??    I still have a list, I think I have it all under control.
Thank you so much for taking time to visit, I know time is very precious just now.   I am hoping to keep Blogging till the weekend then I feel I should "call it a day" till after the New Year.
Have been wracking my brains (what little there is of them) for a gift for Elaine.  I know, I know it is very late in the day.  This hunt has gone on for months.  Elaine and her family have plenty money, they just buy when they want anything.  I came to decision at lunch time  .........  I am taking her away for couple of nights (just her and I) to her favourite City as well as mine, Glasgow.   Elaine will have to set the date, she is a very busy lady.  I really think she could do with a few days away, they have been rushed off their feet in the Tearoom.  I will book the Holiday Inn Hotel near the Buchanan Street Bus Station.  That`s fine and handy for arriving and leaving on the bus.   No point taking a car, costs a fortune to park the blooming thing!!!
Decision made, I am now trying to word something.   I want to make a "Scroll" which I will tuck in a "kitchen roll inside" decorated like a cracker.

Today`s offering is 6 little cards I made and popped in a box.  I actually made 2 lots, Hazels request for gifts she needs
These cards are all 4 x 4
Made from "bits" I put in the bag for the school before Hazel put in her request.  Lucky it had not gone along to the school.
Most of the bits are from Tilda Paper Stacks.  I love these Stacks and use them a lot, there are always loads of bits left.
Middle one on the top was an experiment with a Justrite Stamp and silver embossing powder.  Turned out fine but never used the piece....used up now.
The Rennie Mackintosh Die Cut I got from my Blog friend Flora.  Flora has been off the scene for such a long time. I still keep in touch, she is well.  I do miss her very witty posts though.
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

"A Tartan Christmas"

Hello and welcome!!!!  Hope you are all well and not getting yourselves stressed out.
Remember it is only one day, how much food can we really eat????  I was in M&S this morning and you would have thought they were forecasting a "famine"..........................!!!
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come visit.  I have been trying to get round everyone.  If I have missed you, am really sorry it is not intentional. I keep remembering things to do, go off and do them then I forget where I was and who I had left a comment with.   It`s an age thing ..................LOL
Was out for coffee with our friends this morning.  Hazel did not manage, I missed her being there for just seeing her and catching up, she also keeps check on the time.  With her having to get back for the girls she leaves at a certain time, so I just go as well.  Hazel not being there meant I stayed way over. 
Spent a lot of time catching up with jobs to be done when I got home.  Why do men never see these jobs????
Cards, all written, posted or delivered, parcels wrapped.  Now all I have to think about is the food.  Most of that is in hand, just a few things to be baked.  I feel I am well organised, no doubt I will have forgotten something.  I still have plenty time to get that sorted.
Today`s card is one of a Batch of Tartan Cards  I did.

Base card 6x6 white card
Red paper free with a magazine, there was also gold which I used on some other cards same design
Tartan paper is our own Family Tartan printed from the computer (looks a bit dull there) It is quite bright when you see the actual material.  John Jnr has his kilt made with this Tartan
I saw this Die being used and suddenly remembered I had bought it at SECC in Glasgow. 
Red ribbon from my ribbon box

That`s it for today must get a move on
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Monday, 16 December 2013

"Simple Baby Card"

Hello fellow Bloggers, hope you are all well.
Thank you so much for you continuing to follow this little Blog.  I really love that you keep calling and leaving such lovely comments.  
I have to say you were all very complimentary on yesterdays card.  I definitely saw a "witch" in that female character.  Come to think about it, Robert obviously had not seen it either otherwise he would never have used it on his card.
Change of plans here again today.  Boys here and sleeping over tonight.  Mummy was day shift and works 12 hour shifts.  Daddy was to work from home today but was called away to try settle a dispute down South.  That means staying overnight for at least one night.  Had to go to Tesco to stock up on extra bread and milk.  John picked them up from school, they like when they get Grandpa to themselves.  Well in actual fact they like that he takes a very long detour home via an old fashioned Sweetie Shop.  They get sweets, eat a few then they are left.  It is the thought of going to the shop that they like rather than the sweets.  That what comes of living in the Backwoods!!! even get a "thrill" going to a sweetie shop.
Today`s card is one for Hazel and is going off to Canada.  One of Charlie`s family has just had a new Baby Girl.  This is a long awaited for baby, everyone is so excited.   I have kept the card flattish for posting.

White Base Card approx 5 x 7
Backing paper and topper from a CD I have had for years.
Topper matted and layered 
Pink ribbon from my stash.  Just tied a knot, again to keep it as flat as possible

The CD I used is really, really old.  I keep thinking I should bin it.  Then I remember that image and backing paper are on it plus another for a little boy card.  Looks like it will stay on the shelf for a few more years yet.

As I was putting up my Post yesterday saying that I was saying "NO" to any further requests for orders or help, guess who had left me a message on my iPad.............................Yep! Hazel.  Needing 12 small cards in 2 boxes for ladies she likes to give them to.   However Hazel is the one person I do not include on my "NO" lists.   All done and dusted, ready to give Hazel on Wednesday.  I had just been doing some clearing up and put lots of "bits" in the bag for the school.  They were removed, I made all the cards from these bits.  I felt really good when I had finished.
Right folks off to put my feet up for a while before bedtime
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate that you do that. 
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Sunday, 15 December 2013

"Copying Robert`s Card"

Good Sunday morning Bloggers.  I am so sorry I have been such a "bad" Blogger.
I am not getting stressed about Christmas, but I have been rather busy.
It is just another day, a special one I admit.  We are such a small family unit, we do not fuss. 
Thank you so much for keeping in touch.  I have been busy helping other people with bits and pieces.  I just do not seem to get much time at home.  My answer to requests from today will be "NO"  ....... well that`s the plan ..... will it work???? I very much doubt it.
Yesterday I spent wrapping all the gifts.  That`s done, finished, the boys things "hidden" for now.  John has been very naughty!!!!!!   Every time he has gone out he seems to have bought things for the boys.  Little things he says, yes! they are little in size but some not so little in cost.  Some I had seen, I was there, we bought them together.   Others had been squirrelled away till yesterday.  Oh! Man! there are so many, I have to admit I think John himself was surprised how many things there were.   The boys spend a fair bit time here, we have divided things up a bit.  We will keep items that they can use and play with at our house.  We will have parcel opening here later in the week.
Now I have only some "Tablet" to make to fill some little boxes for my neighbours.  We do not have that many neighbours but there are a few that help us with things that John is not able to manage.  Although they are not looking for a gift,  I do like to give them a little "thank you" for what they do.
Today`s card is one of quite a few I have made since I saw the one Robert made for his mum & dad.

The card is 2 x  A6 cards stuck together making it a tri-fold I think you would call it
Music paper and a Die cut figure.  You do not see that I have actually used gold gilding wax on the figures
Red ribbon and a stamped greeting

Back image also gilded.  Ooopps! looking at that image she looks like a bit of a "witch"  Too late they are all posted/delivered.

Robert made his card the other week when he saw the sets of Carol Singers that had arrived in the post.  I bought them from eBay.  I liked the idea of them but knew I would never really use the Die.  I thought Robert`s card was rather clever.   I do hope the people who got them don`t see that figure as a "witch" ..................LOL
That`s it for today
I will try hard to be a better blogger.  Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"Two of Twelve"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are managing to avoid all the "bugs" that are going around.  Poor Mrs Duck has not been able to paddle in the pond for a couple of days.  She is rather under the weather I am sending her some (((((hugs))))).  If any others need some (((((hugs)))))........ there you go.
Thank you so much for calling by today, I hope you like what you see.  If you do please call back again, I would love to see you.   If you have time please leave a message, that way I can link back to see what you get up to.
I was at the boys "Nativity" play this afternoon.  Grandpa and daddy are going tomorrow evening.  Audrey was helping in the kitchen with the Mulled Wine and Mince Pies.   The boys did very well.  There are only 19 pupils in the whole school.  Primary 1, 2 & 3 did the play taking multiple parts.  Robert was a Narrator and one of the Wise Men.  The older ones did the music, playing their instruments and singing. They all seemed to enjoy it so that to me was the main thing.  Had to laugh at Thomas, he asked if I had enjoyed it.  I told him it was excellent, his rely to that was  ........ "did you not find it boring?? that story never changes from year to year".  Told him that it has been the same story for over 2000 years so there is no chance of it changing now.  "That`s what I mean Granny do you not think it is time to change it???" ......................... children!!!!

My cards today are 2 of 12 I have made like this
They were very quick easy, the door being done with a Sizzix Embossing folder
Matted onto a colour then an A6 card
Most time consuming part was punching out all the foliage.  I used a Martha Stewart Punch for that
I cut a frame for the foliage using two of the very smallest SB Classic Circle Die set
I added Cosmic Simmer Faux Pearls using Silver Pearl.  I did have some red, for some reason it seemed rather thin and did not hold it shape well at all.   That ended up in the bin
Bows are Silk Ribbon from my stash
Waste from Peel Offs for the door knobs

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for popping in I really do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 9 December 2013

"The same but different!!!!"

Hello Blog friends, well oh! well, where on earth did the weekend go??  Actually where did last week go???
Thank you so much for taking time to come visit.  I know that time is precious for us all at this busy time of year.     
 Boys and their dad popped by and stayed for lunch yesterday (Sunday).  Good job I always have plenty of options in the freezer or store cupboard!!!!  Mind you they are rather low at the moment.  I had emptied one of the freezers to defrost it in preparation for getting all the Christmas food in.  Audrey is working Night Shift Christmas Eve.  I am doing the Christmas Dinner, I make it and transport it along to their house.  Audrey and I get the table all done, we prepare the vegetables as much as we can at their house.   I make the Soup, cook the Turkey and make the Sticky Toffee Pudding, bring them along on the day.  I have done this since Thomas was 3 so that he could stay in his own house to play with his toys.  Audrey always has to work a shift round Christmas day.  Babies don`t stop coming into the world  because it is Christmas Day!!!!    That is why we have Christmas, to celebrate the birth of a baby.........................
Here are a few of the Christmas Cards I made on Saturday.  Once the general bits and pieces round the house were done I had all day to play.  I made 12 of these, still quite flat, I just hope they will go as 2nd class.  We will see I am posting them later this morning.
Yesterday, Thomas and John went off on an "adventure walk" Robert wanted to stay with me and "bake"  After the cakes were made he wanted to make a Christmas Card for his mum & dad.  He made a brilliant card but guess what ......I forgot to photograph it.  He found some Die Cuts I got from a friend and used them.  Later today I am going to copy his idea and make a few cards

Base cards various sizes, I am using up pre-scored cards I have had in stock for some time.
Some I have done white on white others cream on cream.
SB Dies cut as frames 
Memory Box Candle Die
A little glitter on a few

That`s it folks
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it.  Thank you also for all the lovely comments you leave.  That`s what makes it all worth while.
Till next time 

Patricia   xxx

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Friday, 6 December 2013

"Just for You"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well and not suffered any damage from the past couple of days storms.
We were very lucky no damage although quite a few trees down round us.   Roads blocked by them but no reports of anyone hurt, so that`s a blessing. 
Thank you so much for popping by today, I know time is very precious at the moment.
Nothing much happening here apart from furiously making some more of my Christmas Cards.  I am carrying on with all the "flat" batch ones.   It is amazing how many you can get done when you are not making each and everyone different.   Tomorrow I will start on my "special" ones, hopefully get them all done over the weekend.
Nattyboots:- LOTV   ..  short for Lili of The Valley
I know exactly how you feel, I often sit and ponder over certain "short cuts".   For a long time I really struggled with WOYWDW I had to ask for that to be translated.  What`s on your work desk Wednesday:- easy when you know what it is.
Today`s card is a card made for our friend Anne who had an operation for Breast Cancer  recently.  She is now going through Radiotherapy every day.  This is really taking it`s toll.  Hazel and I decided she needed a card to let her know we are thinking about her so this is it.

Base card approx 5x7
White Centura Pearl card embossed with Sue Wilson`s Tapestry Embossing folder
One white and one Tilda Card SB Die Cuts
I Die Cut 2 ovals cutting the Burgundy one in half, placing either side of the sentiment to make it look like I matted it.  The next size of Die up was to dominating 
Rose made using Tilda Card and my all time favourite SB Blossom Five Die
Leaves SB Foliage Die

That`s it for today thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


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Thursday, 5 December 2013

"Christmas Cards"

Hello Bloggers I hope you are all safe.
John and I decided to come home early when we saw the weather forecast and Boy! am I so glad we did. I would not liked to have been on the roads at any time today.
Glasgow had lost a little of its fantastic Buzz!!! which was very understandable after the tragic events of the weekend.   
We had a great time, the "highlight" for me is the fact that we leave the car at the hotel and use public transport.  Now! to tell you the truth we buy an all day ticket for the "Subway" jump off and on at all the places we want to get to.  I "LOVE" traveling on the Subway........sad or what??
Thank you so much for all your visits and lovely comments I really enjoy that you continue to support me on my Blogging journey.
I have been busy with my knitting and boy! it is really beginning to take shape.  There are a few mistakes, hopefully they won`t be too noticeable.  When I do my next one I know it will be much better.  I have knitted for years plain stuff, fancy things, multi coloured designs but for some reason it took me 2 or 3 goes to get into the swing of the pattern on the shawl.  It is a very easy pattern, I just could not get any rhythm with it.  Cracked it now though so we are off and running.
Had to start my Christmas cards today  ..... yes I did say "start"
I have done so many for the classes I was sick to the back teeth of blooming Christmas Cards.
I have gone for the easy route with the general batch made cards.  

LOTV  Paper Pads have been a real treat to use.
A few Cosmic Shimmer Glue pearl, glitter dotted here and there fairly makes all the difference.
I have kept all the ones to be posted as flat as possible.  I do not get much pleasure doing cards like this but the cost of postage really has to be thought about these days.
I will make my special ones over the next few days so I will have some nicer ones to show you
We have had to move the cars to just inside the drive gates to ensure that we get out through the snow.  I got up in the middle of the night to move my car I was worried that one of the trees might come down on it.  I left John`s, could not find his keys he had left them in his jacket pocket.
Our farmer neighbour is busy cutting up some of the fallen trees,.  Certainly plenty firewood lying about here at the moment.
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it
Till next time, stay safe and warm

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 2 December 2013

"Very plain & Smiple"

Good evening Blog friends, hope you are all well.
If you are a bit under the weather I send you a few (((((hugs)))))..
Thank you so much for visiting my Blog to see what I have been up to.  I love that you take time to do that and leave your lovely comments. I get great pleasure reading them all.  I have tried to keep up with my Blog commenting.  If I have missed anyone over the past few days I do apologise.
I have been very busy "knitting" a shawl, for me.  I bought yarn and a pattern at SECC started it so many time and never got past row 18.  That has been dumped in preference for an entirely different pattern and fine yarn.   Our Blog friend Rita (RMG Creations) has done a few of this particular one.  Rita kindly gave me lots of information and details of where to get the pattern and yarn.  Although I have taken a while to get started, it is coming on well.  The only downside is, you have to "concentrate" it is a very lacy pattern.   I am not good at concentrating or sitting still for too long.  My mind is always planning other things. John said it is doing me the power of good to sit still for an hour at a time.   I am glad I have managed to get into the swing of the pattern, I will take my knitting with me while we are away the next couple of days.  I am terrible when not in my own house I need to have something to do while waiting for John to get ready.  
John and I are off for a few days to Glasgow my favourite city in Scotland.  Unfortunately it will not be the Happy City that it usually is after the horrible tragedy of the past weekend.   I love Glasgow, the people are just wonderful.  Most of you will have witnessed that from the footage on the television.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all caught up in this event.

 My card is very plain and simple.

Base card a white DL card
Backing paper is some left over from one of my recent cards
White card also leftovers.  I deckle cut the edges and scored round to break the plainess
The Die cut is one of a few I got from a friend who had bought a load of new dies and was trying them out.  I do not have this Die so I managed to get a few done.
I coloured the flower head with distress ink and the stem with a Promarker
Red organza ribbon and a bow to finish off

That`s it for today thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it.
Till next time

I am off back to my knitting
Patricia   xxx
Forgot to mention that typical of children Thomas was a lot better on Saturday.  He has been away Sunday and Monday in Edinburgh with his mum, dad and Robert.  Still not eating at the rate he usually does but I am sure he will make up for    Thank you for all your good wishes for him
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Friday, 29 November 2013

"More my Style again"

Hello Blog friends, has anyone else felt it a lot colder today??
Did the food shopping, fridge and cupboards full once again for a couple of days.  That should keep us going till we go off for our couple of days next week.
Spent most of the afternoon at John & Audrey`s the boys are off school till Tuesday.  Thomas "needed his Grandpa" he is sick.  School closed for a break and in bed sick .......what a bummer!!!   Just one of the many bugs going about I suppose.  Any time Thomas is ill he needs his Grandpa with him.  I think is comes from when he was born.  He was in an incubator for 48 hours, John spent so much time sitting with him holding his hand.  We were all there at some point but I feel a bond was created between those two that is there to this day.   Robert only ever wants his mum when he is ill.

Another card I made when I had "Play Time" yesterday.
I have used the same Die as I used on the card I did not like..................but I do like this one, more my style.
White base card approx 5 x 7
NitWits backing paper from a LOTV  Paper Pad
Frame cut using 1st and 2nd larger Dies from SB Opulent Ovals set
Heartfelt Lace Border Die
Heartfelt Classic Leaf Die
Cheery Lyn Chrysanthemum Strip Die 
Some swirls I received as a wee gift from my Blogging friend Rita some time ago.
Some other flowers punched out using a Martha Stewart Punch
Pearls from Wild Orchid Crafts popped in the centre of the flowers

I remember seeing something similar to this design when Hazel and I were trawling Blogs while we were on holiday last year.  It stuck in my mind because it was so my style.  I think it could have been the HeartFelt Blog.  Who ever and where ever I thank them for the inspiration.

Thats it from me for today folks
Thank you so much for taking time to came calling.   I really appreciate that you take time out of your busy day to visit me.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


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Thursday, 28 November 2013

"Wonderful Day"

Welcome Blog friends, thank you for calling by today.  
I have to thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday`s card which I really did not like.  Transfer from brain to card just did not work for me...............could possibly be lack of "brain"!!!!
However I feel today`s offering is more my thing.
I have had a wonderful day "at home" .  John and I worked out that apart from a week past Monday when I spent most of the day in bed nursing a horrible cold, this is the first time in 5 weeks I spent a whole day in the house.
I did the essential housework, cooked lunch and dinner other that that I had time to "Play" and I loved it. 
Tomorrow it will be food shopping I think, the fridge looks rather bare.
Here is one of the cards I made today.

White base card approx 6 x 6
Piece of white card I scored on my Ultimate using the Box Board.  I lightly distressed it
Cheery Lyn Doily Die, distressed a great deal more than the scored card
SB Classic Circle die to Die cut a sentiment stamp which I thought was rather appropriate
Marianne Dies for the all the swirls and Foliage
My old faithful and all time favorite ever Die SB Blossom Five for the Rose

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

"Not happy with this one"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Thank you so much for continuing to support me on my crafty journey.  
Unfortunately today you might take one look and decide not to bother coming back.  I really do not know what happened!!!!  I had an idea in my head BUT once I transfered it to card it is nothing like I imagined!!!
Never mind tomorrow might be better..................certainly hope so.

Base card approx 5 x 7
Pink Card Stock
White card stock embossed with a music embossing folder and distressed round the edges
I Die Cut old cereal packet, to give me a thickish frame.   Embossed it with WOW embossing Powder.  Did not like the result but Hey! Ho! you cant win them all.  I cut this in half so I could get it to show round my Die Cut image
Used the same Die to cut my LOTV image of Bags
Threaded some ribbon to cover where I had cut the embossed Die Cut
Computer generated sentiment and a few pearls to finish off
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate that you take time to so that.
Will try to have something better for tomorrow.  I hope to have a "whole day at home" well thats the way it looks at the moment!!!!
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Simple card from the Bits"

Hello Blog friends, I hope you are well and staying clear of all the Bugs that going about.
I am over the cold I managed to pick up from somewhere.  Hope that`s it for along time, I took so bad as I am not one to be bothered with colds, thank goodness.
Thank you so much for calling by today.  I really love that you come to visit and leave all your lovely comments.    I think I have almost caught up with all my commenting.  If I have not visited you yet, hopefully I will be there soon.
Did the Card Class this morning, the ladies seemed pleased with the cards they made.  I have two ladies who come together, they are always rather grumpy and do not smile much.  Today there was just one of them ....Oh! My! Goodness! she was like a different person.  Chatty, laughing and actually talking, what a treat..... I now think I quite like this lady!!!    Next time will be the last class for this year.  They all want yet more Christmas cards, there is a limit for Christmas Cards and I think I have reached that.  Will have to scour some magazines for ideas for the next class.
Very quick card made from some of the "bits" I am trying to clear away off the corner of the Dinning Room table.  

White card I made into approx 4 x 6 card
A piece of paper I had printed from a My Craft Studio Floriography CD
SB Basic Lattice Die cut I cut for something else 
Rose made using SB Blossom Five Die from some of the backing paper
Leaves cut from a Crealies Die from Joanna Sheen
Banner made from scraps of white and brown card
Sentiment a Stamping Up Stamp

Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate that you time out of your busy day to call by

Ooops!!! nearly forgot did you see the lovely card my sister (Hazel) Baskets of Joy posted??? I am rather proud of her and her first attempt
That`s it for today folks
Till next time

Patricia xxx


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Monday, 25 November 2013

"Wreath Card"

CoooEeee!!! Blog friends I am back!!!  Do not know for how long but I am here today.
OMG!! were has the time gone.  This past week I have not had time to change my mind, nor had a minute to play.
Thank you so much for staying with me I really do appreciate that you do that.  I have tried to keep up with as many of your Blogs as possible.  If I have missed you it is not intentional, I just do not seem to have the time just now.  I promise I will get round you all soon.
Things are so hectic here at the "Homestead" John has actually taken the "Bull by the Horns" and booked a couple of nights away next week.  It must be bad when John sees it.
We have also had the boys a fair bit these past few weeks, just circumstances.......  They are no problem, just extra work.  However for the first time in almost 7 years I was glad to see Robert going home on Saturday afternoon.  Oh! Man! talk about exasperating!!!!    John never raises his voice to the boys, actually he never really raises his voice.  Well he did on Saturday when Robert spoke back to him...................enough said.................children!!!!
I was trying to tidy away some bits and pieces, I want it all used, binned, in the bag for the school or finally tidied away before the end of this week.
After the cleaning, washing and soup made today I got down to finishing off all the bits for the Card Class tomorrow.  I did find time to play as well and I really loved that couple of hours to loose myself.
Here is the card I made

6x6 white Base Card
Pink card stock I pierced round the edge
Piece of Tilda Paper that was been lying in the bundle.   I think I had intended making a box lid with this bit.  Could not find any card for the late now it is used!!!
Circles I had cut for something and never used finally found there way on to this card
Bits of ribbon I had pulled out for Idea what it had been for but they are used up now.
I like doing this ribbon weaving.  It looks quite complicated but once you get into the swing of doing it, it is easy
Embellished with bits from my box

Hopefully I might get back tomorrow.  I have the Card Class to do in the morning, I would really like to find time to play in the afternoon.  I am out at night so no chance then
Till I get back
Be good, keep warm

Patricia   xxx
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

"Tonic Butterfly`s"

Hello and welcome, hope you are all well and managing to steer clear of the coughs & sneezes doing the rounds.
Feeling so much better today.  Probably thanks to the good "nursing" I got from John ... please don`t tell him I said that.  
I actually feel "normal" today.  Well!!! to be honest I have never really been "normal"  ..... tried it once.  It was rather boring so I just went back to being me!!!!!
Drove John to Perth this morning to have that tooth removed.  He did say he did not need me to be with him.  I left him to go to the Dentist himself while I did some food shopping.  Tell you what I know he was glad I was there to drive him home.  He is feeling a wee bit sorry for himself.  It must be quite sore I have do doubt about that.  John has really good teeth, they are big and this was a back tooth. He has been sitting very quite this evening watching the telly.

Nattyboots:-   you asked me how to make the boxes I had on my Blog yesterday.
Today Christina from Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls also Card-Making-Magic has a Tutorial on her Blog.   Please pop over and have a look.  Her Video Tutorial is absolutely brilliant, she really does a fantastic job showing you what to do.
For anyone who has not tried these boxes yet, you must have a go.  They are very easy, once you have mastered one you are up and running. 
My card for today uses up some bits & pieces I had lying about from previous card makes.

Base card is approx 41/2 x 61/2 white card stock  .....  an end from something I had done
Card embossed with Sizzix Rose embossing folder which I inked with TH Victorian Velvet Distress ink.
SB Opulent Oval and Classic Ovals used to form a frame.  Should have made the frame much deeper/thicker.    You "Live and Learn"
My new Tonic Butterfly Die.  I bought it at NEC Birmingham, the packet opened for the first time today.
It is the Mazarine Blue Butterfly Die Set.  In the set you get the base Die plus a Big and Small Butterfly also a flower Die to give added dimension.  This is my first Tonic Die and I LOVE it.  Cuts beautifully, falls out of the Die with no waxed paper necessary. 
John and Audrey always struggle for something to give me at Christmas.  They usually ask, the past two years I have requested Dies.  Think that might be the request again.  Whats the bet they will have found something this year

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for calling by.   I love that you take time to do that.  I hope you manage to get a little bit of inspiration now and again
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 18 November 2013

"Sorry it is Boxes again!!!"

Hello and welcome to my wee corner in the wonderful world of Blogging.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on John`s O.B.E.  Glad you did not think I was "Blowing my own trumpet" we are so proud of his achievement.  
I am still feeling "rubbish" this is a very quick Post tonight.
Elaine has roped me into doing a "Parcel Wrapping" talk to a Ladies Group on Wednesday Morning....that really should have been one for Hazel.  I have done this before, still have all my notes and some bits and pieces.  Tomorrow I will get everything ready when I get back from the Dentist with John.  He has to have tooth out.  Says he won`t need me, I am sure he will not but I also have shopping to do.  There is a Supermarket round from the Dentist.  While he is having his tooth out I will do the shopping.

A couple of the boxes that sold yesterday.  We sold loads of these as well as some Gift Bags.  The Triangular boxes filled with sweets did go as well as we thought.  However nothing lost, they will be used as Teacher Gifts next month.  
Right must go that`s John ...... Laying down the law, I have to get ready for bed............Oh! he is so manly!!!!!   I hate when he tells me what to do.  However he is only looking after me,  I think!!!    I am sure he is just fed up watching and listening to me with this "Runny Nose" & "Sneezing"

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that you take time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

"The O.B.E"

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland.
Hope you are all well.
Thank you so much for continuing to support me on my Blogging Journey.
Welcome to my new follower Mary, so glad you have decided to join the happy band.
Please keep calling by, I do hope you enjoy what you see.
Hazel and I did our Craft Fair along at the Tearoom today.  I was very busy, we did very well.  As usual the things we thought we would sell did not.  Hazel had done a couple of "BIG" Gift baskets, they sold almost immediately.  Sold lots of the Origami Boxes, some the Gift Bags, pendants and a few other bits and pieces.  Oh! my Homemade Truffles went very well, especially the ones with the Bailey!s Irish Cream in them.........................!!!!!
I thought I would indulge myself and be the proud parent.  Hope you don`t mind, this sort of thing does not happen every day.
Here are John & Audrey at Buckingham Palace with John`s O.B.E

Right folks I am off to bed, I am full of the cold.  Do not know where it came from but it is here "full on".  I have not had a cold for about 4 years.  I think they have been gathering and have come all at once.
I might be gone for a couple of days the way I feel at the moment.  I felt it while we did the Craft Fair but it has really hit me since I got back home.
Be good till I get back
Thank you for calling I really do appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

"Craft Fair Goodies"

Hello fellow Bloggers and Crafty Friends.  Hope you are all well.
Thank, you for popping by, at least I am here with something today.  Sorry I have been missing, very busy here at "The Homestead"  
I would like to welcome my new followers, sorry the welcome is a bit late.  Better late than never as they say!!!  Thank you for choosing to follow me, I do hope I can give you some inspiration and maybe a few ideas.  Please keep popping in I love to have visitors.
John and Audrey had said they would be at our house Wednesday evening to pick the boys up on their way home from London at approx 7.30/8pm.   I could see Thomas, a terrible worrier for a boy of 9 years old getting a bit agitated.  I had to check that their flight had arrived in Edinburgh on time.   He was worried about his mum and dad, when they phoned to tell us they were just a few miles along the road, the relief on his face was amazing.  
We got to see the O.B.E all shining in its silk lined box.  Boys went away home very excited and Oh! Boy! did we miss them this morning, the house was so quite.  
I do have some photos on my iPad that I will show you once I get instructions from Hazel as to how to get them on my Blog.  Talk about "stupid" well that`s  me.  If Thomas had still been here I am sure he would have been able to tell me.
Hazel and I said we were not doing any Craft Fairs this year......however!!!  Elaine is having a little Craft Fair at the Tearoom on Sunday.  It is to help raise money for a Trip to France for her Grandsons class at Perth Grammar School.  Certainly could not refuse to do that one.
I have made lots of Origami Boxes, other Boxes, Wallets to hold a bar of Chocolate (last years big makes).   We have a few pendants and other necklaces as well, we will see how it all goes. 

Here are few Triangular Boxes I made up today.
I have filled them with Roses Chocolates from one of the big tins.
I hope to make some Tablet and Truffles for some of the other Boxes.
The boxes are from Fabulous Giftware CD by KatySueDesigns
Printed onto Neenah Card from Crafters Companion

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in and for all the lovely comments you leave, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia    xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"My Haul from the NEC"

Hello and welcome fellow Bloggers and visitors, hope you are all well.  If not I send you some ((((hugs)))) in hope that might help.
Hazel, Kate, Elaine and my self had an absolute "Ball" over the weekend.  Travel arrangements went off to a T.  We met up with the lovely Christine Harrop, and wonderful Ang AKA Mrs Duck on Thursday evening for a meal.  I think the waiter could guess we might be a little "loud" he settled us in a far corner "The Naughty Corner" well he called it that anyway.......really do not know why!!!!
We had a fantastic evening, all ending far too quickly.  We were a "little" bit loud but there was a group of ladies far louder than us  ...  well we thought they were louder!!!!
The NEC was a great experience, lots bigger than Glasgow, far more bargains and a much bigger "buzz"   We were very restriced as to what we could buy.  We canny Scots got cheap flights and went for just "Cabin Baggage" which was free up to 10 kilos.  Thank goodness they did not weigh the bags coming home......................enough said.  The down side of that was they were rather heavy to lift into the overhead baggage compartments and no strong men came to our aid...........where were they all when we needed them????  I had to help Elaine who is petite, I had 2 bags to lift and handle. Kate and Hazel seemed to manage themselves................maybe they did buy so much.   Oh! yes! they! did!  We saw Kate off on the bus to Inverness.  Poor Kate still had a 2 hour journey up through the snow covered mountains before she got home.  Kate did get there she text to tell me.  All home safe after a great weekend.
Hazel suggested that we might try for Ally Pally next year.  We all said that would be good, we will see.  Hazel and I have started saving for that by putting what money we had left aside and earmarked it "Ally Pally"................Yes!! we had money left.  If we had had bigger bags no chance.  If we do go to Ally Pally we will go on the train....................................!!

 Here is my haul from the trip.  There are few Dies there that you cant see, just a few really
I bought the cotton yarn to make a lacy shawl.  I will get it started when I wind the blooming stuff into balls.  Gosh how long is it since I had to wind yarn??
I bought the Giftware CD with intentions of making some "Bags & Boxes" for the Craft Fair at the Tearoom next Sunday.  Goodness knows when I will have time.  
We have the boys for 3 days, they will be at school but we will then we will be Clock Watching and Feeding!!!!  John and Audrey are off down to London to visit the Queen.   John Jnr is being awarded his OBE on Tuesday morning.  
He is very pleased he is getting it this Memorial Weekend.  His Grandfather he never knew but heard plenty about (hubby John`s dad) was killed in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp.   He is dedicating the award to him.  Without him he would never have been born and done the things he has managed to do.  OH John was born, his father knew he had a son but did not survive to ever see him.
If I am not around for a few days you know the reason why.
I will get round you all as soon as I can, please do keep in touch. I will be looking in on you just wont have the time to sit and catch up with the commenting bit.
I am going to try and play with some of my goodies later today.  Apart from the washing which there was not that much of,  the house was "gleaming bright" when I got home.  So nothing much to do today apart from make the dinner and prepare myself for the boys coming.

That`s it for now.  Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that.
Till I get round you all

Patricia  xxx

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

"One for the box"

Hello Blog friends a quick post this evening.
Thank you so much for calling by, I love that you take time to visit.
 Keeping this short I have lots to do before taking off tomorrow morning.  
I am picking Elaine up tomorrow morning at 10.45 then on to Perth to meet Hazel.  We will then all meet Kate (Culliesocks) off her bus from Inverness.    We then head for Edinburgh Airport to catch our flight to Birmingham.  Talk about excitement!!!! popped in to the Tearoom for a cuppa and see Elaine.  Man!! she was running about like a "headless chicken".  Think she will be really glad to get away and have some "fun"
My card today is one for the box

White 5 x 5 base card
Lilac card
White card embossed after I had covered the embossing folder with distress ink
I did not use the first run through it was just a bit too dark.  This was the second run through
SB Heart Die with a small square die set in and then cut out to form a frame
Flowers and foliage cut using various Dies and Punches

That`s it for today off to get myself together
Thank you for calling by today I really appreciate that
Till I get good

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"Happy Birthday card"

Hello fellow Bloggers and crafty friends.
Welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Blogging.  Thank you so much for taking time to come visit, I hope you like what you see and continue to come back.  
It was absolutely "Freezing" here today.  When I opened the curtains this morning I thought the snow had made it to lower levels but it was just an extremely thick frost......Brrrrr!!!!  It did turn damp later in the afternoon then it was just down right miserable.
Gail who comments on mine and some other Blogs has now set up an active Blog.  Please pop over and visit if you have time.   We all know that daunting feeling when we first start.
I have managed to get all my Card Class projects done and bagged for next Tuesday.  I know it seams rather early but Birmingham is looming this weekend.  Next week we have the boys Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  Thank goodness they are at school, although it will mean clock watching. 
Today's card is one I have made in advance for my friend Pearl.  She is not into Blogs or even the computer so hopefully she will not see it.

Base card white 6 x 6
Cream card I had embossed with a Sploge Away brick wall effect stencil just to see how it would turn out.   It worked out OK, obviously not quite as deep as an embossing folder but it is fine.  It was in my Bit Box so I decided to use it up as a background
A piece of white 160gsm paper punched with a Martha Stewart Punch.  I like this punch but it does not like paper of any thickness.  I never use it now, I had intended throwing it out and was giving it one last chance.  I have put it back in the box .... we will see how long it gets kept.  Certainly does not like card that`s for sure
Computer generated greeting mounted on cream card, tails cut by hand and a "Pearl" added
Wild Orchid Crafts flowers and leaves.  The twirly bits are the cut off stems twisted round the end of my Poky tool or cocktail stick

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 4 November 2013

"There is "SNOW" on them there hills"

Good Monday morning Bloggers, bit "nippy" here with a rather thick frost!!!!  Beautiful blue skies at the moment but how long will that last........!!!
Yesterday was also a beautiful day.  John and I went into Dundee to meet up with Hazel .  We had not seen her since she got back from her holiday.  Although we chat a lot on the phone I have missed seeing her.  Coming home the road is very high looking to the far north. Wow! Oh! Wow! the hills in the distance had a very thick covering of "SNOW"!!!!  That`s only about 30miles up the road from us, I do hope it disappears soon or decides juts to stay where it is for quite a while yet.
Thank you so much for your visit I love that you call by.  Sorry I have been missing for a few days.  Life has got rather busy and time does not stretch as far as I would like.  I promise I will get round to commenting very soon.  Till then keep well and be happy.
My card today was an order from Hazel`s daughter Tammy.  Tammy does not like too fancy, plainer the better and straight to the point that`s our Tammy.

Base card white card stock approx 5 x 7
Pink Pearl card I ran through one of Sue Wilson`s Embossing Folders  ..  Lattice Hearts
LOTV image Die Cut with SB Opulent Ovals
Computer generated greeting matted on pink 
Looking at it now I should have put some Glossy Accents on the balloon, too late Tammy has all the cards she ordered

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping by I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
Thank you so much for all the visits and wonderful comments, I love reading them all.
Some of you have asked for a Tutorial for the Bags. There is one but you will have to scroll back for it.  I think it is the 4th November 2012.  It is just before the Roses one.  If I was clever on the computer I could get the Tutorials on my side bar.  I am not so I am afraid you will just have to scroll back......sorry about that!!!
This is a very quick Post today I really do not know where all my time has gone but it has certainly flown away.
Week past Monday Robert phoned to tell me I had to send a reply to the School for the invitation we had been given. We had not seen the R.S.V.P. on  the invitation.  It was to view their Project  "School in my Granny`s Day" at the school, which was last Friday.  He wanted me to make a card for the Acceptance it is:-

Base card 6 x 6
I embossed my card in a folder I had.   I think it was a Darice one from Crafters Companion although I am not 100% sure on that
I wanted something kind of school like and it was the only thing I had
I distressed it with a combination of Peacock Feather and Vintage Paper TH Distress Ink Pads
Matted the Acceptance onto brown card and popped that on the front

I thought this combination might be quite good as a quick "man card" for maybe a man whose job or hobby included measuring.  
Nothing exciting but that it for today
I am working tomorrow at the Tearoom.  The boys are coming for a sleepover so goodness knows when I will be back with a Post or find time to comment on your Blogs.  Please forgive me I will get round you all as soon as possible.
Thank you for calling by today I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia  xxx


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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"Now some Bags"

Hello Bloggers, there are a few out there not keeping so good just now.   Can I ask you to keep Anne (Redanne) Rita (RMG Creations) Hazel (BasketsOf Joy) in your thoughts and prayers.  Anne especially needs them at this time.  She has had a rather nasty fall and broken her hip.  Rita and her hubby are going through the wars at the moment.  Hazel has not been so good since she got back from her epic trip to Canada.  She has to get better we are off to Birmingham next week.....come on Sis!!!  I know there will lots more and I send you some (((((hugs))))).   The people I have mentioned are the ones I know about.
I have had a few questions and extra comments about my "Roses" on yesterdays Post.
Desiree can I ask you to e-mail me on where I can go more in depth to your question re:- pricing.
Susan, keep going with you Rose Creation Die it makes really nice Roses.  The only real difference between Blossom Five and it is the hole in the middle..................honestly!!!
Nattyboots keep at it you will get there
Oh! My! I have just noticed I have another new follower.  You are so welcome, I hope you enjoy what you see and call back again soon.
Went to Perth today to meet up with Hazel (who had to cancel) and a few of our friends.  We meet on a Wednesday for a few coffees and a good old Chin Wag.   My goodness it started out that everyone  had a problem, some real problems at that.    However once we had all talked them over we had a lot of laughs and we all went away far happier than when we first arrived.  See!! that`s what friends are all about.

No card again, just a few of the Bags I have made for our Craft Fair 
These bags are made from the card that Lidl were selling.  Hazel and I bought loads between us.  Very reasonable and excellent quality to work with.  They are bigger than A4, multiple sheets of each design, perfect for Bags.  Only downside is they are not double sided....but Hey! Ho! they still make wonderful projects.
The waste bits make the Roses.  I cut Roses out of all the waste bits, and just randomly used 3 on each bag.  Leaves are cut using a Crealies Die I got from Joanna Sheen`s website 
So far I have made and completed 11 Boxes using 12x12 card/paper from my stash
There are 6 Bags complete plus another 10 made up that need Roses made for them and attached

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by and leaving all your wonderfull comments.  I really appreciate that you take the time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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