Friday, 18 May 2018

A Man Carrd!!

Hello Blog friends and followers, hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. Thank you  again for continuing to call by.

ELAINE: you are constantly on my mind, we have a candle burning for you and your family. 

It`s all go here over the weekends with two Grandsons playing football at different ends/sides of the country (Scotland).  Mum a midwife, Dad in the Fire Service it can get rather hectic when we have to help out.  We are just grateful we are actually here to help out.

I have a Man Card today, I suppose it could be used for a lady as well.  I made it for a man.

The scene is quite small, Stamping is not my first love in crafting.  I do like to have a go at most things though.  
I used Inkylicious Stamps and Distress Inks for the scene. 
I am quite happy how it has turned out, it is winging it`s way to a friend of ours. 
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Patricia xxx

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Card & Matching Bag!!

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers, great to have you call in.  
We have had the most amazing day here in the North East of Scotland, the sun was shining from very early and guess what ... it is still shining.  It was actually warm enough for "me" to sit out for a little while this afternoon. That`s the first time that has happened this year ... onwards and upwards ... summer might just be coming at long last!!!
Enough chit/chat, here is a card and matching bag I made as an order for Mrs McGowan one of my neighbours.  When she phones I always ask "is it to be posted or handed over".  This one was to be handed over and could she please have flowers on it.  I usually make a box but decided to make a bag just for a little change.  I am pleased to say Mrs McGowan was over the moon with it.

Card and bag made with 300gsm white card and SW blue card
Flowers and leaves are Dies I have had for ages and no packets for them
Handles are made using Tonic Circle Dies
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Patricia xxx

Sunday, 6 May 2018

A Birthday Bag!!!

Good Bank Holiday Weekend everyone, hope you are all having beautiful weather and a wonderful time. Here in Scotland things more or less carry on as normal  ... whatever normal is I really would not know ... I don`t think I am "normal" sometimes. The Banks and Building Societies close but that`s about it, all the shops and large stores carry on as usual. 
I want to thank you all for continuing to call by, I know most do not have Blogs and I find that so sweet.  I do feel a little bit guilty I can`t pay you all back by calling in to see your work and leaving you a comment.   Please know I appreciate every single comment left.  
ELAINE, thinking of you at this time xxx
CRAFTYHUGS:- you asked about the "glue" I use for my bags.  If I am making a BIG bag or making a BOX I use both "red tape plus a run of glue over it".  Smaller bags I use StampinUp liquid glue, at the moment anyway, I also like to use Tonic Glue.
It was Hazels birthday yesterday, here is the bag I made to pop her gift into:-

Its a rather large bag using 2 sheets of A3 card, plus 2 sheets of A4 for the handles and frames round the Die cuts.
The bag measures 121/2 inches long, 10 high and 3 deep.  See why I needed A3 card!!!!
The panels were off cuts from a Tonic Die. My friend Elaine brought along her new Tonic Bag Die to let me cut some.  I had a few that did not cut as well as I liked but they did not go to waste.  

That`s it for now, have a wonderful holiday weekend
Thank you for calling by, I really do appreciate it.

Patricia xxx

Friday, 27 April 2018

I LOVE Bags & Boxes!!!

Hello Blog friends and faithful followers.  Thank you all for continuing to call in, I am sorry I have been missing.  Life in general takes up far more time than you realise.  Nothing exciting just the usual things, I will confess I have been doing some Scrapbook pages.  Our younger Grandson  Robert (11) is signed with Dundee Football Club as a Goalkeeper in their under 12 Development Squad.  They were all away a couple of weeks ago to Valencia Football Club training and playing with their Squad.  They all had to have a parent or adult with them, a great time was had by all.
Here is a picture of Robert in action:-

I have also been making some bags, here are today`s offerings

The grey/blue one is a "fold flat" bag which is great for storing.  You could make a bunch of these and always have a bag ready when needed.
I got all the measurements for the bags over on here:-
Sam does some brilliant Video Tutorials.

I made a very similar purple one to pop a birthday gift in for my friend and neighbour.  I loved it so much myself I just had to make another.  I just wish I had done that one as a fold flat as well.  Never mind it will give me a good excuse to go make another one!!!

That`s it, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for all your visits I do appreciate them.

Patricia xxx


Saturday, 21 April 2018

Cards and a Photo

Hello Blog friends and followers hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather.  Typical just typical they say it is to end soon.  I hope that was a touch of spring and the next lot will be summer which stays a while.  We need to grab it while we can don`t we!!!
Thank you all for your visits, I had Jean pop in last time. Thank you for that Jean, hope you and the family are well.
Here are another couple of cards I made when I had the Sizzex corner Dies out.

The Flowers and Oak leaf Die are from SW
I don`t know about the other leaf Die.

I have been away this week meeting up with some Blog friends, we did have a horrible upset though.  Our dear, sweet, gentle Diane had a terrible accident which upset us all immensely   Diane flew from Southampton to Newcastle where she meets up with Maureen, they then travel together to the Hotel.  Diane took a very nasty tumble in Newcastle Station, fractured her arm, burst her top lip which has been Micro Stitched also damaged her front teeth.   Diane was released from Hospital and went back to Maureen`s house. Thank goodness Maureen was there with Diane the whole time.  Diane`s husband Julian dropped everything and drove 7 hours to be with her.  Rather than turn to drive the 7 hours back again, Julian drove Diane and Maureen to the hotel where the rooms were booked.  We saw Diane but poor soul was in pain and utterly exhausted, we chatted for a short time and through it all even managed to laugh.  Enough is enough, Diane had to give in and go to bed.  We all had breakfast with Diane and Julian next morning before they took off for their 7 hour journey back home.  We did  a few things but it was just not the same without Diane.  Our next meet up is October so fingers crossed it will go with out any hitches.  Last year in April we were missing Maureen as she had had an accident.  Think we might have to change from April to possibly May!!!!
Here is a photo of us unfortunately without our Diane.

Standing along the back:- Myra, me & Jess.  Front row Barbara, Maureen, Hazel & Margaret.
That`s it for today, sorry its such a long story.
Thank you for your visits and comments  I really do appreciate them.

Patricia xxx

Monday, 16 April 2018

"A little bit of Blue"

Hello Blog friends and followers hope you are all good.  My goodness what a contrast here from yesterday, its raining!!!!  John and I did so much in the garden and outside in general, now today is miserable Ahhhh!!!!
I will not have a post again till next week. I am off tomorrow with Hazel to spend a few days with some brilliant friends.  We first met at a Crafty Retreat back in November 2015.  We all just seemed to click and wanted so much to meet up again.  We are very wide spread over the UK plus Barbara from Germany but distance does not matter, we just love getting together.  Since that very first meeting we have met up every April and October, my goodness this will be our 5th meet up.  We do keep in daily contact through our wonderful Forum set us for us by Jess, another group members husband after we returned from the Retreat.  Thank you Ronnie you are a STAR!!!
Here is my card for today:- 

This is a really quick and easy card.
Base card 5x7 I used a Sizzex Die (one from a set of two) to cut the corner.  I have placed some blue card at the back to show through.
I Die cut 2 leaves ... I think that`s a SW Die 
The Butterfly is from a pack of Sticker Butterfly's I bought at a show.  It`s not the kind of thing I normally buy ... they must have at a bargain price!!!
The stamp is a Chloe stamp.
That`s it for today
Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments I really do appreciate them .
Patricia xxx

Thursday, 12 April 2018

"Its a Gift"

 Hello Blog friends and followers hope you are all good and ready for the days ahead.  The weather people are saying we are to have warmer weather next week.   WOW!!! we could do with some of that.  Next week Hazel and I are off to meet up with some Blog friends from all over the UK plus one who flies over from Germany.  We meet up every 6 Months and next week is the week ... only 5 more sleeps!!!  I might be able to dispense with my big jacket and even wear some nice shoes!!!
I have a little project I did a few weeks ago.  I needed a little gift but me being me had to package it just a bit different. 
Here it is:-

I was shopping and saw the Chocolates, I thought Ah! Ha! the very thing.
I made the Clutch Bag to fit, no idea regarding measurements, sorry!  I did need to use a sheet of A3 card to cover both the width and length of chocolates.  Some dazzlers for the fastenings, Die Cut Flowers for decoration and a little more time than just "wrapping" the box.  I think it was worth it.  The bag can be reused, it would hold quite a lot as it has concertina sides that will expand a "little"
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it
Patricia xxx